Energy Transition Strategies 

Energy Transition Strategy

How can traditional energy companies position themselves in the new energy landscape? This is probably the most important question faced by any energy company CEO. Resource Economist provides a number of courses that address the need for Strategic Vision and Leadership to meet the challenges of the Energy Transition. Our courses are highly interactive, and allow strategists and leaders to brainstorm how to react to change, and how to shape the future direction of their organisations in the context of the tectonic and disruptive changes in the energy landscape that lie ahead.

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We also offer individual and systemic coaching on organisational transformations. Peter is a certificated Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach and works with a number of experienced associates who are expert in organisational change and energy strategy. 

Course List

Energy Transition: Culture, Strategy and Dynamics

This is a highly interactive 4-day course in which participants will explore their own and their organisation’s values with a view to developing a feasible strategy for the Energy Transition ahead

Energy Trading, Pricing and Regulation

The 2-day course Energy Trading, Pricing and Regulation explores how recent regulations relating to the trading and pricing of energy commodities including oil and gas affect companies engaged in energy commerce.