Expert Editorial

Peter worked as a financial correspondent for Reuters in the 1980s before joining S&P Global Platts as bureau chief in Tokyo in 1991. He subsequently worked in senior editorial positions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and London, most recently heading up the energy publications for Russia’s Interfax news agency. As a principal consultant for KBC Energy Economics, he was responsible for the editorial content and quality of the group’s client reports. 


Editorial Content

 I have 40 years’ experience as a journalist, reporter and feature writer. I have authored a number of business and travel books, and co-authored consulting studies and research papers. I have also worked with the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies on academic papers and research articles. I offer:


  • Domain expertise in oil, gas, new energy
  • Report writing for magazines, online media, newspapers
  • Corporate materials, position papers, strategy documents
  • Speech writing, write-ups of discussion forums
  • Writing and validating expert witness reports
  • Short-notice write-ups and rewriting to specification

Sub-Editing / Proofing

I help companies ensure the quality of their editorial output through thorough, systematic and skilful review of materials intended for publication. My editing experience includes  subbing real-time, newsletters, magazines and more extensive corporate work such as consultancy studies and financial reports.  I offer:

  • Sub-editing – real-time news, online editing, adherence to style guides
  • Textural editing to ensure that editorial materials have the right tone, gravitas, style and colour
  • Proof-reading – beyond the spell-check. Perfect English and pitch
  • Quality assurance and data validation 


I have designed websites using WordPress themes such as Divi and Extra, and have experience of other CMS such as Joomla and Adobe. I have also used a number of DTP systems such as InDesign, inCopy and the Microsoft Office suite. I work with Power Bi, Excel, ArcGIS and visualisation software such as Photoshop. I offer:

  • Infographics for business and energy reports
  • Bespoke data visualisation using client data
  • Layout and design expertise for magazines, newsletters and book-length reports
  • Working with designers to coordinate content and style of web materials
  • Geospatial data visuals and mapping of assets

Staff Mentoring

I have provided staff mentoring for several former employers, working with staff to improve their editorial and writing skills.  Having managed teams of journalists and reporters, I have an intuitive understanding of their motivations and working preferences. As a coach, I have the ability to engage with staff at a deep level. I offer:

  • Planning and coordinating large-scale editorial projects such as consultancy reports
  • Staff motivation and team deployment as an external consultant
  • Mentoring and training on writing and editorial skills
  • Training courses on business writing for native and non-native English speakers
  • Individual mentoring, staff support, PIP experience.

Coaching and mentoring

Peter has provided strategic leadership at major energy information providers, including S & P Global Platts, KBC Energy Economics and Interfax. Throughout his career, he has provided coaching and mentoring to staff colleagues. In 2017, he completed a certificate course in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching at Middlesex University, run in tandem with the Institute of Psychosynthesis. He has written extensively about leadership and the strategic challenges facing the energy industry as it transitions from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy. He runs the website website and he has recently provided pro bono coaching and mentoring for young people affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Peter provides systemic and life coaching, as well as staff mentoring and PIP support. Please contact him by phone +44 7703 341 529 to discuss any coaching or mentoring requirements. All calls will be treated as confidential.  

Individual Coaching

Face-to-face and online coaching for individuals on all aspects of their work and work-life balance. This includes  motivations, attitudes,  staff relationships and productivity. My coaching style is integrative but based on Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching. This approach was pioneered by the Italian psychotherapist Roberto Assagioli and supports (and celebrates) individual diversity. A coach aims to encourage clients to find their own solutions rather than prescribing formulaic behaviours. Active listening and trifocal vision are a key part of how we go about coaching. 

Systemic and Team Coaching

The evolving needs of energy companies has made team direction more complex. Teams are increasingly multi-polar, multi-talented and multi-cultural. The ability to communicate well, and the right mix of creative and practical skills is crucial for team chemistry. Peter has worked in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Middle East, Europe and, as director of Interfax Europe,  he worked closely with staff from across Russia and the CIS. He has deep knowledge of the challenges and benefits of working with cross-cultural teams and perspectives.  

Mentoring Programmes

Mentoring can help staff as they take on new challenges at all stages of their career. Mentoring helps staff make the transition from theoretical knowledge to hands on experience, and to avoid costly mistakes as they take on more responsibility. Working with an experienced professional in a supportive and open relationship is a great way to develop relevant competencies without taking risks. My own mentoring is focussed on providing support for editorial and analytical staff (see above) but I have a network of former colleagues who can provide mentoring in a range of technical and economic specialisms.

Creativity and Diversity

Disruptive new technologies and the need for sustainable solutions in energy have driven ever more rapid change in the sector. Leadership today means more than just meeting bottom-line targets, Flexibility, creativity and communication are valued more than ever. The ability to define and shape a collective vision and to inspire others to share it are crucial for companies, institutions and government. Our leadership programs aim to inspire discussion on the future of leadership and the mindsets needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century energy world.


Training Courses

Peter has offered training courses and staff mentoring throughout his career, and has been running courses for Resource Economist ltd since 2013. His  training programmes cover the commercial aspects of the oil and gas industry, trends in new energy and renewables, energy data and forecasting and the pricing and trading of commodities. He works with a number of associates to ensure that training can be delivered at the appropriate level when specific expertise is required.

Peter has worked for more than 30 years as a specialist reporter, consultant and energy analyst. He takes an integrative approach to training, encouraging delegates to share their knowledge and experience. Although his courses are interactive and participatory, they are supported by high quality training materials that can be taken away and used outside the classroom, Peter can provide in-house or online training as required.       

Training Courses

My training courses cover 1) the commercial aspects of oil and gas development, based on my years of experience at Platts and as an oil and gas consultant, 2) the communication skills required by analysts, including writing and presentations skills, based on my work as a price reporter and consultant. I offer courses in:

  • Crude oil and refined product valuation and pricing, including use of data from Price Reporting Agencies
  • Oil and gas trading and logistics, fuel specifications, refining and processing, value chains 
  • Understanding and using energy data. Use of energy data in forecasting: trends and pitfalls. Interface of new energy with fossil fuels
  • Communicating your analysis: written and presentation skills. Data visualisation.


In-house training development

I work with companies to develop their own in-house training programs  by co-creating training materials with staff. I work closely with the senior management of companies to scope out the training needs, and then to co-develop the training tools required with staff, using video, graphics and written materials. I offer:

  • Thorough preparation with managers to scope out training, objectives
  • Review and evaluation of internal training resources being provided
  • Working with staff to facilitate knowledge sharing and to create a shared culture of “silo-busting”
  • Preparation of scripted interviews with staff for use in training videos
  • Developing written and graphical materials to support in-house trainers

Capacity Building

I have worked with a number of government oil/energy ministries to develop the skills and expertise of their staff. This often involved briefing key personnel ahead of meetings, attending meetings in person in an advisory role, joining and  contributing to discussions, and occasionally in-depth debriefing after a meeting. I offer: 

  •  Working with government personnel to prepare for meetings and negotiations
  • Assistance with speech writing for public events such as conferences
  • Assistance with slide preparation, graphics and visuals
  • Brainstorming ideas to provide zap to presentations
  • All the above are on a confidential and bespoke basis, supported by relevant NDA and contractual agreements

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Seminars and Events

Peter has presented at some of the most prestigious oil and gas conferences in Asia, North America and Europe. He has spent the last two decades talking about the oil and gas market, in magazines, newspapers and on television and radio. In recent years he has become ever more involved in the clean energy developments.

Peter is an expert on commodity pricing, having worked for 20 years with S&P Global Platts where he was a founder member of the Price Group. He has written extensively about oil and gas benchmarks for Oxford Institute of Energy Studies.

Peter has worked closely with the British Institute of Energy Economics. He is a member of the BIEE Council and has served worked on the committees of the BIEE’s biannual Research and Policy conferences, held in Oxford and London respectively.

Conference Speaking

I have talked at the leading conferences on oil and gas, including World Petroleum Congress, Gastech, European Annual Gas Conference, and the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, among many others. I have also talked at closed events hosted by the International Energy Agency, International Energy Forum/JODI,  Oxford Institute of Energy Studies brainstorming meetings, and government round-tables. Please contact me via mobile or email if you want me to speak at a conference or other event.

    Event Hosting and Chairing

    During my time at Interfax, I arranged a series of round tables and seminars addressing the hot issues in gas and renewables. These were often held jointly with a leading consulting or law firm. I have also chaired discussion panels and whole-day events for large conference companies such as Euromoney, DMG Events and Lloyds Maritime Academy. My style is very much to get the discussion going, and I encourage speakers to  contribute their ideas in a way that is relaxed but also challenging. I have a personal interest in diversity issues, and ensuring balanced and inclusive panels. 

      Knowledge Seminars

      Seminars and webinars are a perfect way for companies to share their expertise with clients and to create momentum for working together in the future. The proceedings  can be recorded and used for publicity and in-house training. I offer:

      • Chairing and hosting of in-house / external seminars and webinars in expertise areas
      • Identifying experts and speakers for round tables and virtual discussions
      • Event coordination – selecting attendees and sending out invites to participants
      • Documenting event proceedings, minute taking, arranging recordings etc. 

      Analytics and Consulting

      Peter worked as principal consultant with KBC Energy Economics, where he was  responsible for the editorial content and quality of the group’s client reports and completed consulting projects including crude oil valuations, marketing strategy studies and project feasibility studies. He also worked closely with the energy ministries of Norway and Angola as an expert advisor on oil pricing. He subsequently set up several analytical newsletters including Global Gas Analytics and Power Fuels Tracker, and held regular seminars and discussion forums with clients. Peter offers consulting services through  a number of independent consulting  firms, rather than directly through Resource Economist. He has  worked as an associate with Gaffney Cline, IPA Energy, Cornhill Economics, Jacobs and Platts, among others. 

      Market Studies

      Resource Economist provides market studies for crude oils, refined products and gas / LNG. Our analysis is based on our forward-looking view of supply-demand trends and fuel substitution as the energy transition unfolds. We provide shorter-term outlooks if required. Our analysis is based on the physical specifications and logistical parameters of the commodities.

      Data Analysis

      We monitor the key  monthly data tracking energy supply and demand trends in Europe and Russia, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Our analysis is under-pinned by databases of the main oil and gas fields, refineries, power plants, LNG and regas facilities, mining assets etc. including age and locations. We use visualisation and geospatial software to create narratives and infographics from our analysis. 


      Forecasts and Scenarios

      Resource Economist provides bespoke price forecasts and supply-demand projections  for the main energy commodities. Because of future uncertainties around the energy transition, we prefer to think in terms of future scenarios rather than forecasts. Price sets and projections are based on a logical structure that uses the pricing dependences between the various energy commodities (i.e. crude oil price, crack spreads, refining margins, oil indexation of gas/LNG, calorific values, cost curves for alternative energy etc).



      Curriculum Vitae

      Peter has worked for more than 30 years as an oil, gas and energy analyst. His core expertise is in crude oil and refined product valuation and pricing, market analysis and forcasting.

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       Capabilities Statement.



      Peter works with a number of former colleagues to deliver high quality training programs, to fulfil editorial mandates and to deliver consulting projects. Click here for details of Peter’s current work associates.