China’s delicate balancing act on gas market reform

China will continue to prioritise LNG in its energy mix despite the prospect of substantially higher LNG prices after around 2022. The dichotomy between government targets to boost the use of gas and the dynamics of a volatile world market was discussed at an Interfax breakfast seminar in London on 27th June.

Oil prices continue to weaken as global glut grows

Oil prices remain under pressure as rising US production pushes back impact of OPEC-led cuts. International benchmark Brent crude oil futures dropped as low as $45.4 per barrel on Tuesday – their lowest level since November 2016 – and dropped to similar levels early...

Iran’s response crucial in Saudi-Qatar spat

Saudi Arabia’s decision to up the ante in its long-simmering dispute with Qatar is a high-risk strategy. Although all sides are scrambling to defuse the crisis, there is a relatively low but nonetheless real risk that the rift with Qatar will spiral.

More action needed on Asian grid integration

The integration of Asian electricity grids and the potential for Russia to become an ‘energy bridge’ between Asia and Europe were among the biggest of the big ideas discussed at the three-day SPIEF conference in St Petersburg.