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 I have worked in the energy industry for the last 30 years as a writer and editor, first as a journalist, then as a consultant and analyst. During this period, the energy industry has embarked on a transition from fossil fuels to sustainable low carbon alternatives. The next decade will see further tectonic changes in the energy landscape, driven by trends in automation, data science, and the urgent need to mitigate climate change.

My company Resource Economist provides training, coaching and mentoring to equip staff to meet the challenges ahead. The human dimension to the energy transition is often overlooked, but workforce skills, corporate strategy, individual and organisational mindsets and human capital development will be critical to achieving climate goals over the next decade.

This website provides a narrative around future pathways and scenarios for the energy sector. I have a particular interest in workforce issues related to the energy transition, including the skills that will be needed, diversity issues, leadership and creativity, and community engagement. Click here for more details about my own energy journey, including career history and my current goals.


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