Course title: Energy Transition: Culture, Strategy and Dynamics

Course Code: ET-CSD

Availability: 3-day course, in-house only 

Course summary
This 3-day course allows companies to explore the dynamics of the organisational transformation required to meet the upcoming challenges of the energy transition. Whether you are working in the traditional fossil fuel sector, as a producer or energy-intensive consumer, the Energy Transition will have a significant impact not only on your bottom line, but also on your staff and shareholders. This course allows companies to explore the dynamics of change within their organisations.

Course details
This is a highly interactive course. Over three days, participants will get to know themselves better, and will understand how their own values fit in with those of their organisation. Starting with this solid base, the course explores the organisational culture that underlies the business goals and strategies of the organisation in which you work. This becomes the basis for strategic decision-making. Understanding the corporate culture is the first step to defining a strategy, because implementing a strategy involves harnessing the energy of people with values and a sense of purpose. The course recognises the reality that organisations are complex systems, and that organisational change involves transformation at multiple levels of the system.  

Who should attend?
This course is essential for anyone with leadership responsibility in  an energy company or in large companies exposed to the challenges of the energy transition. This includes senior executives, board members and those with treasury responsibility. It will appeal to those who want to make CSR a central plank of their decision-making and strategy, and are committed to deep organisational change as a way to achieve this. Given the scope of the transformation over the next 30 years, this course has wide appeal and relevance to those committed to change. 

Key objectives
The key objective of the ET-CSD course is to allow companies to make the deep changes in their organisational structures and strategy that will be necessitated by the energy transitikn, and to implement these fearlessly on a sustainable basis. The course will engage anyone with leadership responsibility in a company whose culture, strategy and goals will be affected by the switch to low carbon fuels and the societal changes taking place around the energy transition. 


This course is under development and the detailed outline will be posted here soon.