Course title: Hydrocarbon Development and the Energy Transition

Course Code: ET-HCD

Availability: 4 days, online or in-house

Course summary
This 4-day course provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities faced by companies developing hydrocarbon resources during the Energy Transition. While many governments are phasing out the use of fossil fuels in transport, heating and electricity, regional implementation of the switch to low carbon fuels is uneven. Certain sectors such as petrochemicals will remain reliant on oil and gas. This course provides case studies, interactive exercises and the opportunity for open discussion around hydrocarbon development in the new energy era.

Course details
The course Hydrocarbon Development and the Energy Transition explains the key treaties and regulation that will drive the shift from fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal over the next 30 years.  The course outlines the main renewable sources of energy, as well as the new technologies such as energy storage, batteries and nuclear that offer a route to the Net Zero goals defined by the Paris Agreement. The course explains key economic models for resource management and development, and how these are dependent on assumptions of regional growth and climate mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Who should attend?
This course is essential for anyone with strategic responsibility for corporate direction in the medium and long term: energy-intensive industries of all sorts, including the metals industry and other energy-intensive manufacturers; Oil and gas  producers, marketers, refiners and petrochemicals firms; consumers including vehicle fleet owners, airlines, hauliers, ship operators; and renewable energy companies seeking to understand when the shift from fossil fuels will happen. The most relevant staff categories would include economists, corporate planners, market analysts, investment analysts, but also senior executives and those with treasury responsibility.

Key objectives
The course aims to provide strategic decision-makers with a realistic and commercially-focussed discussion of the challenges and opportunities involved in developing new oil and gas fields in a rapidly decarbonizing world. Rather than provide a simplistic answer, the course recognizes the reality that fossil fuels are no longer wanted but will remain a part of the energy mix as the transition progresses. The course provides a toolkit that allows participants to make better decisions in a climate that is increasingly resistant to any fossil fuel development.

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