Forecasting and Data Analytics 

Energy Data and Forecasting

The energy data world is exploding as new technologies such as blockchain transform the way that oil and gas are traded, and as new technologies at the grid edge transform the way that consumers engage with electricity suppliers. Resource Economist provides high-level courses on the availability and reliability of energy data, including how to use the datasets published by the IEA, IEF/JODI and other multi-lateral institutions, as well as how to handle and evaluate national source data of varying quality. We also offer more in-depth courses on forecasting prices for crude oil, refined products, natural gas/LNG and renewables, using fundamental, technical and econometric analysis. As Big Data becomes more important in the energy sector, we also aim to offer courses on Data Analytics through selected associates. 

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Course List

Forecasting Energy Prices

This 4-day course explains the key drivers of energy prices and explains how fundamental, technical and econometric analysis can be used to make reasonable energy price forecasts

Forecasting crude oil and oil products prices

The 4-day course Forecasting Crude Oil and Oil Products Prices explains the key drivers of crude oil and oil product prices, and explains how these can be forecast in a logical and consistent manner over different time frames.

Energy Fundamentals

The 4-day course Energy Fundamentals explains the value chain from upstream to downstream for fossil fuel and renewables, and examines how renewable forms of energy fit in to the overall energy supply-demand picture.