Green Careers: What are the Opportunities? When and Where?

Green Careers Week was held between 7th and 12th November 2022. Peter provided  an overview of green jobs in the UK energy sector as well as some specific opportunities in the fields of heating and transport.

Click below to download a PDF copy of the slides.

Green Careers Week CDI November 8 SLIDES

This inaugural event was supported by prestigious partners from around the UK, including the Royal Society and the Met Office. The goal of the event was to raise awareness among teachers and young people of career opportunities that will result from the emerging technologies that are being driven by the Energy Transition.

Young people are passionate about taking action on climate change; surveys suggest that nearly two-thirds of them are ‘worried’ or ‘extremely worried’ about the climate crisis. The conference organizers want to  highlight the amazing career pathways they can follow for a sustainable future.


Peter Stewart

Peter Stewart

Founder, Resource Economist

Peter worked for more than 30 years as an energy and commodities analyst, before becoming a work and careers coach. He has served on the Managing Council of the British Institute of Energy Economics, and has written widely about the challenges facing the energy workforce.