Hydrocarbon Development and the Energy Transition

Explores the commercial challenges and decisions involved in developing hydrocarbons as the world switches to low carbon fuels. 4-day course, online or in-house.

LNG Trading and Risk Management

The 4-day course LNG Trading and Risk Management explains the LNG value chain from liquefaction to regasification, and how long- and short-term price exposure can be managed depending on the indexation used

Forecasting Energy Prices

This 4-day course explains the key drivers of energy prices and explains how fundamental, technical and econometric analysis can be used to make reasonable energy price forecasts

Refined Products Pricing and Risk Management

The 3-day course Refined Products Pricing and Risk Management explains the refined products pricing and trading, and how futures, options and swaps can be used to manage price risk

LPG Pricing, Trading and Valuation

LPG Pricing, Trading and Valuation is a 4-day course providing an in-depth understanding of the LPG market by sector and region.

Energy Trading, Pricing and Regulation

The 2-day course Energy Trading, Pricing and Regulation explores how recent regulations relating to the trading and pricing of energy commodities including oil and gas affect companies engaged in energy commerce.

Energy Transition: Culture, Strategy and Dynamics

This is a highly interactive 4-day course in which participants will explore their own and their organisation’s values with a view to developing a feasible strategy for the Energy Transition ahead

Crude Oil Trading and Risk Management

The 4-day Crude Oil Trading and Risk Management covers crude oil pricing, trading, contracts, freight and RM using futures, options and swaps

Forecasting crude oil and oil products prices

The 4-day course Forecasting Crude Oil and Oil Products Prices explains the key drivers of crude oil and oil product prices, and explains how these can be forecast in a logical and consistent manner over different time frames.

Crude oil valuation and pricing

This course explains how refineries can evaluate specific crude oils from the 600 or more crude oil streams available from around the world.

Energy Fundamentals

The 4-day course Energy Fundamentals explains the value chain from upstream to downstream for fossil fuel and renewables, and examines how renewable forms of energy fit in to the overall energy supply-demand picture.

Crude Oil Pricing and Risk Management

The 3-day Crude Oil Pricing and Risk Management covers crude oil pricing and RM using futures, options and swaps

Resource Economist has provided training courses in oil, gas, power and renewables since 2013. Its founder Peter Stewart has more than 30 years experience as an energy journalist, analyst and consultant.

We have worked with many prestigious companies and government agenies, in Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Far East and North America.

More recently, Peter trained as a coach and mentor, and is accredited with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Peter has worked for more than 30 years as an energy market analyst and consultant. He was Director of Markets and Pricing at Platts, now S&P Global Commodities, Chief Economist and Principal Consultant at KBC Energy Economics, and chief energy analyst at Interfax. He founded Resource Economist in 2012 to provide training in energy pricing and trading.


Resource Economist offers training courses in the pricing and trading of energy commodities, including crude oil, NGLs, gases and LNG, refined products, power fuels and low carbon energy commodities such as renewables, biofuels, lithium and electricity.

Our courses provide in-depth knowledge of the pricing mechanisms used by Price Reporting Agencies such as Platts and Argus. This includes the main global and regional pricing benchmarks such as Dated Brent, West Texas Intermediate and Oman-Dubai. 

We also provide courses on all aspects of the energy value chain, from upstream to downstream, including the economics of production, trading and marketing, refining and transportation, market analysis and forecasting.

For a complete list of our training courses:

To arrange a discussion about your course requirements:



Peter gave a presentation at Green Careers Week (November 8th) on the outlook for green careers in the UK. Please click on the link below for a PDF of the slides presented at the event.

Green Careers Week CDI November 8 SLIDES

Resource Economist recently set up the website https://resourceshift.org to provide information about green careers. This is still under development, but aims to cover job opportunities in clean energy as well as fields such as biodiversity, food and agriculture, waste management and others related to the green transitions that are shaping the future of our planet.



Resource Economist provides techno-economic consulting services through third-party consulting groups. Peter worked as Principal Consultant with KBC Energy Economics (formerly Petroleum Economics Ltd) and he has worked as a senior associate with companies such as IPA Power and Water, Gaffney-Cline, Platts and Argus, and others. He has also worked as an expert witness in energy pricing and trading, and currently affiliated with Martello Expert Services.

Peter’s expertise is primarily in energy market analysis. He has managed and contributed to large consulting studies around the world, including feasibility studies for oil refineries, upstream oil and gas economics, marketing and trading strategy, short, medium and long-term market outlooks and forecasting. He worked as an advisor to the Ministry of Energy in Norway and the Oil Ministry in Angola.

For further details of Peter’s consulting experience:




Resource Economist offers mentoring services to support markets analysts and economists in their work at energy companies.

Peter trained as a coach and mentor, qualifying in 2017 with the Post Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching run by the Institute of Psychosynthesis in partnership with Middlesex University. He was accredited at Foundation Level by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council in 2021 and is currently studying for the Level 6 qualification in Careers Guidance with the Careers Development Institute.

Peter is currently developing a mentoring program for early career professionals in energy through the British Institute of Energy Economics.

For details of mentoring services, please contact Peter on his mobile: +44 (0) 7703 341 529.

Peter took me under his wing in my first steps as an energy reporter and his support and guidance was invaluable, as were the many interesting talks we had re. the need to make the energy industry more inclusive. If you are looking for a coach or mentor with a focus on the #energytransition, I would absolutely recommend working with him!

Anna Gumbau

Correspondent, Carbon Pulse


Resource Economist has been the author of a number of research studies on aspects of the Energy Transition, and is currently focussed on the workforce skills that will be required globally the meet the low-carbon energy challenge.

Peter has also worked in the past with the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies, co-editing several issues of the Oxford Energy Forum on crude oil pricing and petroleum refining.

Having worked as a writer and editor for many years, Peter also offers expert editorial services on all aspects of energy.


Resource Economist founder Peter Stewart has been an active speaker at energy conferences and seminars for many years. Peter has spoken at prestigious events and institutions such as the World Petroleum Congress, the International Energy Agency, SPIEF and many others.

Resource Economist offers in-house and public seminars and micro-events as part  of its “Learning Solutions” initiative. As part of our strategic goals for 2023, we are aiming to develop this further by working with energy companies to lay on small-scale events focussed on the challenges of the Energy Transition.

Prior to the Covid pandemic, Resource Economist co-developed a series of in-house seminars for Interfax on various aspects of the Energy Transition, mainly focussed on the growing role of natural gas and LNG in the energy mix.


Over the years, I have been lucky to work with a number of people who have agreed to become associates of Resource Economist. I also work as an associate and independent consultant and expert advisor for a number of third-party companies.

My aim is to develop Resource Economist through partnerships with training, advisory and consulting firms as well as trade associations and companies.

Please don’ hesitate to contact me to discuss our courses or the potential for working together via email peter@resourceeconomist.com or using the mobile number at the top of the website.

I also run a number of other websites related to the Energy Transition, energy careers and my coaching and mentoring interests. These include:

https://resourceshift.org which provides information on green careers and the workforec skills required for the Energy Transition.

https://coachcreates.com which offers individual coaching and mentoring, as well as creative events linked to personal development.