Skills Gap Challenges Energy Majors

Skills Gap Challenges Energy Majors

New graduates are shunning the oil and gas industry in droves, despite the lure of good salaries. What can the industry do to attract top talent?

Green Careers Week

Green Careers Week

Peter spoke on 8th November at the inaugural Green Careers Week on the theme of Green Careers: What are the Opportunities? When and Where?

Interview: CTEC Energy

Interview: CTEC Energy

We interviewed Mike Burns at CTEC Energy in Newhaven Port. The gasifier project converts plastics and biomass into electricity and heat with significantly lower emissions than a traditional incinerator. 

Energy Journal – Nov 2020

The latest Energy Journal from the International Association of Energy Economics has landed on my doormat with a loud thud. The latest issue is 312 pages long. In Volume 41, Number 6, I was struck by the paper Are Energy Executives Rewarded For Luck? by Lucas Davis...

Energy for a Net Zero Society

The BIEE’s bi-annual research conference will be held on March 30-31, 2021. The conference will focus on building the foundations and policies of the low carbon transition aimed at achieving a net zero carbon society in a way that is fair and just. It will address how we live, work and travel, and how policy, infrastructure and the private sector can respond to enable the transformation of heat, transport and industry.

Crude oil valuation and pricing

Crude oil valuation and pricing

This course explains how refineries can evaluate specific crude oils from the 600 or more crude oil streams available from around the world.


New technologies are rife but no single innovation is sure to be a game-changer.


It’s always easier to sit on one’s hands. But leadership means taking action amid uncertainty.

Energy Transitions

The transition in energy is only part of it. Several inter-related transitions must be made to achieve a sustainable future.

My Goals

I have worked as a reporter and market analyst with some of the biggest information providers in the energy sector: Standard & Poors Platts, Reuters (now Refinitiv) and the Russian business data and technology business Interfax. I have also worked as a consultant...

energy and resources

Energy and ResourcesThe energy  transition will involve a shift  from the fossil fuels that have been used for the last three centuries to low carbon fuel sources such as renewables. The scale of the transition will be unprecedented. The world population will rise...

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