Learning Solutions

Our Approach to Training

Resource Economist offers courses covering the spectrum of energy from crude oil and natural gas to renewables, electricity and energy storage and the fuels of the future. Our courses are highly interactive, and supported by excellent training materials that can be downloaded and kept. Online and (where possible) classroom tuition is supplemented by exercises, simulations and team games that allow course delegates to get to know each other and to maximize the professional and social benefits of the courses. Courses are delivered by Resource Economist founder and director Peter Stewart, and/or a group of experienced associates.

To contact Peter please send a text to his mobile phone: +44 7703 341 529.

Skills Gap Challenges Energy Majors

New graduates are shunning the oil and gas industry in droves, despite the lure of good salaries. What can the industry do to attract top talent?

Crude Oil Trading and Risk Management

The 4-day Crude Oil Trading and Risk Management covers crude oil pricing, trading, contracts, freight and RM using futures, options and swaps

Refined Products Pricing and Risk Management

The 3-day course Refined Products Pricing and Risk Management explains the refined products pricing and trading, and how futures, options and swaps can be used to manage price risk

Strategy and Leadership

How can traditional energy companies position themselves in the new energy landscape? This is probably the most important question faced by any energy company CEO. Resource Economist provides a four-day course on Strategic Vision, Leadership and the Energy Transition that allows strategists and leaders to brainstorm how to react to change, and how to shape the future direction of their organisations in the context of the tectonic and disruptive changes in the energy landscape that lie ahead. We also offer individual and systemic coaching on organisational transformations. Peter is a certicifcated Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach and works with a number of experienced associates who are expert in organisational change and energy strategy. 

To contact Peter please send a text to his mobile phone: +44 7703 341 529.