Power Fuels and Electricity

Power Fuels: LNG and renewables

Gas and renewables have been hailed by the energy majors as a golden combination to address energy demand needs and climate pressures. Our courses provide high-level overviews of gas economics, as well as in-depth courses on gas pricing, the gas trading hubs, LNG economics and markets, and the value-chains for LNG, NGLs and LPG. As the LNG market becomes increasingly global, we also  provide data-focussed courses on gas market fundamentals, tracking supply and demand trends in Europe and Russia, Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Middle East/Africa. Peter was the editor of the analytical newsletter Global Gas Analytics and its supplement Power Fuel Tracker and has written extensively about the gas market for OIES and others. 

To contact Peter please send a text to his mobile phone: +44 7703 341 529.

Course List

LNG Trading and Risk Management

The 4-day course LNG Trading and Risk Management explains the LNG value chain from liquefaction to regasification, and how long- and short-term price exposure can be managed depending on the indexation used